Altringham , 2006, Manchester, United Kingdom

Concept sketches for 3 storey buildings to provide 42 flats, using ‘Movocosy’, a proposed modular volumetric construction system manufactured off-site. The structure of The modules- when assembled, can provide large lateral spaces or double height volumes.
The buildings accommodate for a mix of 2 bedroom flat and 1 bedroom flat, some on two levels with a double height living space.

All the apartments are Lifetime Home compliant, and all have light coming from two directions: east and west light or south and north light. The dwellings are aligned with the neighbouring houses to reconstitute the street frontage, with two other buildings arranged on each side of a communal private courtyard. The access to all the dwellings is from the courtyard enhancing the sense of community. The buildings sit on a plinth above the car park.
The 42 flats are conceived using the Arup Modular Volumetric Construction system. Three main types of modules are used to provide 7 types of lay-out.

City: Manchester
Country: United Kingdom
Completed: 2006
Client: Urban Splash