Westbourne Forum Committee Member

In 2017, Sophie was pleased to be invited to join the Westbourne Forum. Sophie has been part of the local businesses since moving her architectural studio in Great Western Studios in Westminster

The Westbourne Forum was created in 2004 to be the voice of the residents, the organisations and charities who live and work in the Westbourne ward. It is a community partnership between local residents, businesses, places of education, and voluntary organisations. In 2014, Westbourne Forum was designated by Westminster Council as the local representative group to consult with for planning decisions. The objective of the Forum is to improve the quality of life for the local community with an emphasis for those living in a deprived area.
The Forum is open to everyone who shares an active interest in the life of Westbourne.

The Forum meets every 2 months to organise local events such as the annual Westbourne Summer Festival and the Westbourne Global Food Festival.

We are developing a Neighbourhood plan which will give the community a role in making decisions about how we would like the area to be developed with regards to the facilities we need, housing, shops, roads and improve the environment. Furthermore, funds can be available for local improvements.