Sharp, 2017

This Renovated London  Abode Is a Light-Filled  Masterpiece

By: Bianca Teixeira | March 23, 2017


Glass houses are all they’re cracked up to be (sorry) and more. Sure, everyone you know will make jokes about throwing stones for the rest of time. But, on the plus side, good god you’d have a sweet crib. Think of the possibilities! You can flaunt your cool shit in your neighbour’s faces without even having to invite them in. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without actually having to leave your living room. Or, if you’re a non-petty, non-agoraphobic adult, you can simply and quietly let the neighbourhood appreciate your home for the beautifully designed masterpiece that it is.

London’s House of Light does exactly that. Designer Sophie Nguyen opened up the entire back section of the existing home, added in floor-to-ceiling windows, and created a wide open, envy-inducing space in the process.


The living area opens up to the spacious backyard through a giant, four-panelled sliding door

A row of smartly-placed skylights keeps the natural light flowing throughout the main level.All of the furniture, finishings and accents were kept in natural hues to further accentuate the home’s sunny demeanour.

With the patio doors opened all the way, the earthy interior tones and wealth of sunlight play brilliantly off the well-manicured nature outside, making it almost difficult to discern where one begins and the other ends.