Plantroom – A House in West London , 2019, London, United Kingdom

A beautiful house in West London in need of natural light and a seamless connection to the south facing garden. The new glass roof and glass facade provide the perfect setting for an indoor jungle to house the new kitchen and dining area.

Planning permission was successfully granted.

The scheme developed by Sophie Nguyen Architects responded to the client’s passion for the outdoors and her daily urge to open all doors leading to the garden. By considering the client’s love for nature, the project focused on the remodelling of the rear façade in order to redefine the dark and cluttered space into a generous room filled with natural light, whilst creating a seamless connection to the garden.
As a result, the obstructive existing structure was removed and replaced by steel beams recessed into the ceiling to enhance the view into the garden.

PlantRoom – HD 720p

The red kitchen island hovers inside the space like a Chinese lacquered box, hiding the paraphernalia of cooking. Its gloss finish reflects the surroundings to widen the perception of the space.

Furthermore, the new glass roof along the Party Wall provides the entire room with light throughout the day, and a perfect setting for an indoor winter garden. This garden will support a variety of plants, from palm trees to mixed herbs for cooking. Gradually, through the addition and growth of these plants, the kitchen and dining space will become surrounded by an expanding jungle, fulfilling the client’s desire to live among nature.

Structural Engineers: Graphic Structures

The Client’s comments:

Sophie is a magician! Sophie has changed my life in every sense by turning a dark, dull, lifeless space into an enlightened spacious one loaded with light and life (also from the oxygen brought by the indoor jungle). Sophie is a mathematician ! but with a deep sense of people emotions and psychology. This rare combination of qualities in the building sector is key to allow a smooth process with the multiple contractors whilst not compromising the rigour and beauty of the end result. Very well done, I’m so happy.

City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Completed: 2019
Client: Private
Area: 71 m2
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Structural Engineers: Graphic Structures
Photographs: Hufton & Crow